quick update on life

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We’ve arrived in Delaware, and are spending this week with le sisters-in-law and the friend who helped us move. Going to the beach a lot, and it’s lovely.

Sadly, no internet access at the house yet; working on that. Have taken some lovely pictures, but have been too busy to upload them.

No word on the job front yet.


pictures of the day

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or, I love shoes.

shoes one

shoes two

shoes 3

seven from the seventh

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the father in law

random relative


almost like a fairyland


noble steed

the next step after using oneself for a model is using one's jewelry

I wish it were simple but we give up easily

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And so the clock ticks down: we have only a week and a half until the move.

I’m starting to get a little stressed.

Le husband has been sick since Friday with a low-grade fever and headaches. He continues to go to work, but that wipes him out enough that his evenings are spent sprawled on the couch being miserable, and I feel awful. Packing is nowhere near done, and he was behind on his packing before he got sick, so now he’s way behind. And after thinking that I immediately feel guilty–it’s not his fault that he’s sick! And if he does try to pack while sick there’s no way I’ll let him.

We have two photoshoots between now and the time we leave; one is a wedding and one is of three dogs.

Neither of us have jobs lined up yet. I’m not terribly worried about that; if worst comes to worst I’ll work at Starbucks. (Actually, I’ve always wanted to, at least for a little while.)

And that’s my life right now: trying to spend as much time as possible with the inlaws while cramming in the rest of my life and packing when possible.

But for all that, I like my life. And to make it better, I’ll be with my sisters soon! Woooooo!  

Title is from “other side of the world” by K. T. Tunstall.

the last day

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I don’t know if I’m going to keep going with this photo a day thing; it’s been fun, and I love looking back at the images, but it’s also rather a bit of work, and this coming month is going to be craaaazy. So we shall see.
summer sunset

day 27, 28

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taking it easy


today I read with interest about

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