Remember how we used to say that, when we were kids, dashing up and touching someone’s shoulder and dashing away even faster before they could tagback?

Anyway, I have been tagged by the everlovely Alissa and, since this is one meme I actually read, I’ll do it.

Name six weird things about me? I know there has to be tons of them, but they’re never weird to me. But here goes.

1. My comfort food of choice is a bowl of pasta (preferably radiatore) with butter and worcester sauce. I’ll also take salsa, but W. sauce is the best. I also cannot pronounce the name of that stuff for anything, and it usually comes out something like wor-ches-ter-shire.

2. When I was 15 I went through a period of wearing plaid shirts and birkenstocks All. The. Time. We refer to that as my “crunchy” phase and prefer to pretend it didn’t happen. Except my sisters like to drag it up to embarass me. Fortunately they haven’t yet used it when they want to ignore my fashion advice (“Why would I want to listen to someone who owned 16 plaid shirts???) but they probably will from now on.

3. I tasted beer once, just to see what it tasted like, and I think it’s disgusting. Have never had a desire to try it again.

4. I am exactly the same height as my dad, but no one believes me because I always wear heels.

5. Incident when I was 2 involving a bowel movement and a jar of vaseline. Enough said.

6. I get bored very easily, so I compensate by doing more things at once. I read and knit, read and eat, listen to podcasts while I clean, and generally double up on every available task. The exception to this is driving; I never try to read or watch stuff on my iPod while I’m behind the wheel, as navigating provides plenty of challenge. This is also why I don’t like ice skating; I can’t do any tricks or anything, so just skating in circles and not knitting/reading/talking/singing bores me almost to tears.

I tag Clint, Le Chop, Andy, Darthfredd, Josh, and Dan.


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “tagI’mit”

  1. So you’re the crunchy one, eh? Now the secret is out!

    As for the Vaseline thing, I don’t even want to know. Ew!

  2. Werst-er 🙂

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