what I read this year

Um, I think I read 82 books? I started keeping the list February 17, though, so I’m sure there were more; these were just the ones I could remember at that point and wrote down after that. These are also books that I read cover to cover; there were many more that I started and didn’t like, so I put them down; or, in the case of design books, I just read bits and pieces. Sorry about the very non-descriptive evaluations; my rating system is not very sophisticated. Click below for list.

The Making of a Chef – Mark Ruhlman – non fic.
Everyone Worth Knowing – Lauren Weisberger – chick lit. interesting.
Goodnight Nobody – Jennifer Weiner ok, i guess. Chick lit.
Tender at the Bone – Ruth Reichl – excellent. memoir
Comfort Me with Apples – Ruth Reichl – excellent. Memoir
Diane; a signature life – Diana von Furstenburg – ok. autobio
Julie and Julia – Julie Powell – good. memoir
Garlic and Sapphires – Ruth Reichl – v.good. memoir
Wolves in Chic Clothing – – ok. Chick lit.
Up the Agency – Peter Mayle – non-fic. funny. Satirical
Innocence – Kathleen Tessaro – chick lit. good.
Nickel and Dimed – Barbara Ehrenreich – non.fic. Thought-provoking
A Year in the Merde – Stephen Clarke – fiction
The Soul of a Chef – Michael Ruhlman – non fic.
Beyond the Blonde – – Chick lit.
Some Like it Haute – Jule KL Dam – chick lit. Really lame
The Nanny Diaries – Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus – reread
Shopgirl – Steve Martin – an interesting novella
The year of Living Famously – Laura Caldwell – pretty good read
Something New – Amanda Beesley – good
Vienna Prelude – Thoene – good
The Little Lady Agency – Hester Browne – v.good!
Hand-Me-Down -Lee Nichols – ok. chick lit.
The Shape of Sand – Marjorie Eccles – good.
The Painted Garden – Noel Streatfield – children’s book. good
What Do You Do All Day? – Amy Scheibe – hmm. interesting, but I won’t reread
The Last of Her Kind – Sigrid Olsen – interesting look at the idealism of the sixties
Theatre Shoes – Noel Streatfield – another lovely “shoes” book
The Debutante Divorcee – Plum Sykes – typical chick lit
Hoodwinked – Jack Cashill – v. good
About a Boy – good
Mary Anne – Daphne du Maurier – v. good
Dry – Augusten Burroughs – interesting. slightly depressing
In Her Shoes – Jennifer Weiner – ok. Better than the movie.
Two for the Road – Jane and Michael Stern
Magic Hour – Kristin Hannah – pretty good
Miss New York has Everything – Lori Jakiela – memoir. interesting
Courting Emma Howe – Margaret A. Robinson – good
Colony Girl – thomas rayfiel – interesting
The Thing About Jane Spring – Sharon Krum – funny
The Last Spy – Bob Reiss – riveting
Heat – Bill Buford – v. interesting
Katherine Wentworth – DE Stevenson – good
Party Girl – Sarah Mason – cute
The Other Side of the Story – Marian Keyes
Rachel’s Holiday – Marian Keyes
The Corner Shop – Elizabeth Cladell
Cloak of Darkness – Helen MacInnes
Society Girls – Sarah Mason – chick lit.
A Tale of Two families – Dodie Smith – rather good
The Richlands _ Agnes Sligh Turnbull
The Nightengale – Agnes Sligh Turnbull
Circle of Quilters – Jennifer Chiaverini
Prodigy – Dave Kalstein – v good!
PS I love you – Cecilia Ahern – chick lit, charming
Brilliant – Marne Davis Kellogg – rather intriguing
PLaying James – Sarah Mason – fluff, but fun fluff
Sushi for beginners – Marian Keyes – fun
Last Chance Saloon – Marian Keyes – fun
The Girls – Lori Lansens – v. good
You’re not You – Michele Wildgren – compelling
The Next Big Thing – chick lit – kinda funny
Possible Side Effects – Augusten Burroughs
Which brings me to you – interesting
An innocent, a broad – interesting
Indefensible – David Feige – fascinating. Very good
Gucci Gucci Coo – lame
Jane Fairfax – Joan Aiken – Fabulous
Mostly True – Molly O’Neill – fabulous
The Reach of a Chef – Michael Ruhlman – wonderful
Model Student – hm. But I finished
Alligators, Old Mink & New Money – Alexandra Houette – very lovely!
Almost French – – LOVED (non fic)
The Shop on Blossom Street – loved (about knitting)
A Good Yarn – same
Persuasion – Jane Austen – good
A More Perfect Union – Hana Schank
The Youngest Miss Ward – Joan Aiken – lovely
Holidays on Ice- David Sedaris – rather funny
Knitting under the Influence – Claire LaZebnik – good
Pledged – Alexandra Robinson – interesting
What was she thinking? (notes on a scandal) – zoe heller – compelling


~ by wildeyedwonder on December 31, 2006.

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  1. Ooo, this is inspiring. I think I’ll start my own list for 2007. Hope your having a fantastic vacation!

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