things to do on my trip home

Funny isn’t it? I’ve lived in the Midwest for more than a year now, but the East Coast, where my family is, is still home. And I’m more excited about seeing them than I am about Christmas, I think. Because not until I’m out there, laughing at our crazy family jokes, watching them open their carefully chosen presents, being embarassed because they spent so much more on us than we did on them…that’s when it will be Christmas for me.

So here are the absolute must-dos:

  • eat sushi
  • meet le Porkchop’s new man
  • Hit the outlets for after-Christmas sales
  • go to the Millsboro Antique Bazaar and stock up on birthday gifts for the next year
  • beg, borrow, or steal a copy of “Little Miss Sunshine” and watch it with the parentals
  • take a photo of porkchop wearing a headset to enter in some contest for the office.
  • spend much time at Starbucks just chatting
  • play foozball and get thoroughly beaten
  • take a host of photos so I can balance out the current inlaw domination on my living room walls.
  • daytrip to DC to meet Leslie and eat in Chinatown?

~ by wildeyedwonder on December 19, 2006.

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