marriage by the numbers

1 year
1 actual fight (where both of us felt slightly riled)
2.5 trips to the East Coast with le husband
2.5 trips without him  
3 visits from East Coast to here
3 movies that we both like and would rewatch (Dogville, Inside Man, and Leon the Professional)
8 birthdays celebrated (including family members)
1 funeral for a family member (his mom)
20 people to buy for at Christmas
7 pairs of shoes he owned when we got married
26 pairs he owns now
1 camping trip
2 sunburns (mine)
1 new car
4 garbage bags of stuff given to Goodwill
1 average times per week that I actually cook
1 average times per day that I eat ramen noodles
7 average times per day that I feel embarassed about the above two facts
100 hours per week worked between the two of us
9 pieces of electronic equipment purchased (this is why we’re not having kids for a while–we have cameras instead)
73 times a day I’m glad I’m married to him

~ by wildeyedwonder on November 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “marriage by the numbers”

  1. Ya made the poor bastard buy 19 pairs of shoes in one year?

  2. Congratulations on your first year together. I hope you have many more. We talk about you often at brought alot of smiles to our faces when you were here..and left alot of memories..

  3. we miss you.

    (i’m glad you have electronic equipment instead of children. i’m currently listening to their godawful screams in the hallway of my work. electonics–purr.)

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