things that make me happy today

I seriously have the best husband in the world. He just brought me coffee at work, as well as a filled water bottle.

The youngest two inlaws are spending the night with us tonight, and I just checked my library account status (this is the poor man’s version of NetFlix) and “She’s the Man” is now in. I know what we’re doing tonight. (Please don’t ask why I have an Amanda Byrnes movie in my queue. Same reason I have “Bring It On 3;” it’s called “bonding with the sisters-in-law. And I have an unlawful obsession with cheesy teen girl flicks, perhaps because I never got to watch them when I was young; perhaps because they remind me of good times with my sisters.)

Yesterday I went thrifting and found this awesome brown and cream tweediness that I think will entirely slipcover our loveseat. For $6!

I finally figured out what I’m giving PageantBarbie for Christmas.

I also thrifted some lovely soup plates and a pair of black slingbacks (for myself!) yesterday.

I have to work today, and it’s actually stopped raining and I’m missing out on all the lovely fall foilage. BUT the world doesn’t really need more fall foilage shots anyway, does it?


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “things that make me happy today”

  1. “She’s the Man” is absolutley hilarious. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. So freaking funny!! Tell me what you think.

  2. It was ok. There were definitely hilarious moments, but I thought it lagged in spots. Not a rewatch, for sure.

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