don’t ask me where I find these things

But I’ve somehow started collecting, um, interesting wedding photos. Note: all of these are in the photographer’s actual portfolio. So they’re putting these out as examples of their work. I’m linking to the images rather than hotlinking (and stealing bandwidth) or uploading them somewhere else. But click on them. Seriously. They’re awesome.

I call this one “the vampire wedding party.” And then we have the “attack of the violent chest hair” as well as “butt foofage gone awry.” Then there’s “peekaboo in a sea of blood” and “don’t drink the water; it will make you turn green.”

Never let it be said that I’m not out there looking for good blog material for you, my loyal readers!

~ by wildeyedwonder on October 12, 2006.

One Response to “don’t ask me where I find these things”

  1. I loved this one thread on where a guy was talking about how this one wedding he shot for had a CRAZY bride and groom. They were drunk by the time it was time to cut the cake. They and their friends got in a HUGE fight somehow and started throwing food and cake everywhere. The bride’s gown was ripped, the photographer fled for his camera’s safety, and I think the cake knife went somewhere.

    He said, “Thank goodness they paid me in advance; who knows if they’re still married now?”

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