a true story with a happyish ending

Once upon a time there was an annoying little girl. She was cute and blond, and had big blue eyes that people would stop and coo over, but she was annoying. Because, you see, she was a knowitall tattletale. And that did not go over well with her older sisters, perhaps because said older sisters were always doing something that could get them in trouble if found out.
The relationship between the second sister (miss priss) and the little tattletale was especially bad. These two looked the most alike (their baby pictures would occaisionally get mixed up) and annoyed each other tremendously. Little Tattletale thought Miss Priss was shockingly vain and snobby, and would tell her, quite loudly, throughout the day, “You are SO VAIN.” Not to be outdone, MP thought LT was horrendously bratty, and a snippy little talebearer with awful hygiene. There were moments when the two got along (i. e. when Little Tattletale had to get dressed up and pose for the camera of Miss Priss) but for the most part, they lived in furious denial that they could possibly be related.
Until, one day, they decided that hating each other wasn’t really that fun, and maybe, just maybe they could learn to get along.
So they ignored the irritating bits for a while, and tried to concentrate on the good stuff. Miss Priss learned that Little Tattletale actually had a shockingly funny sense of humor, was fiercely loyal, and eventually grew out of the talebearing. Little Tattletale, well, I don’t know what she learned, but there must have been some redeeming qualities in Miss Priss, because at some point they realized…they were friends. Not just good friends, not just great friends, but best friends. The kind who share clothes and finish each others sentences, and shut their mouths when a crush is actually icky but help you shred him when it doesn’t work out. The kind who make mashed potatoes when you’re depressed, and watch sappy chick flicks when you need to cheer up. That kind of best friends.
This story doesn’t have a truly happy ending, because Miss Priss moved away, leaving Little Tattletale behind.
Happy birthday, Little Tattletale Porkchop.


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 6, 2006.

One Response to “a true story with a happyish ending”

  1. awww. sweetie. i actually teared up a little bit.

    i miss you. *lots*

    but you shall always live on with me! my clutch and shoes speak to that!

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