hanging with le family

I’m not sure why it is that most of my stories involve getting lost. I’m quite resigned to this fact, though. I have no sense of direction, and that’s that. You would think, however, that I would learn to keep an atlas in my car.

But that’s another story altogether.

We had a most lovely time this weekend. We watched “Little Miss Sunshine” instead of the “The Last Kiss” and let me tell you: it was good. So funny, so lifelike. Loveloveloved it, and have every intention of dragging le husband to see it.

Also ate sushi, and I’m convinced that it is the perfect food. High in protein, low in fat, and tastes veryvery good. Must find a place around here.

Besides all that, we had a photo shoot with my cousin, thrifted copiously, played poker with candy corn and oreos (Joy kept flooding the market), ate breakfast at Panera, refrained from watching “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” had a foozball tournament, and gained two pounds. (Well, I did.)

It was lovely, but it was good to get home to le husband. My return was made all the more wonderful by the fact that he had cleaned the whole apartment, a task I haven’t undertaken in some time.

*sigh* Truly I have a charmed life.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 19, 2006.

One Response to “hanging with le family”

  1. Why no Dog the Bounty Hunter?? He so rocks!

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