add another one to the “want to watch” list

All we had to do was watch the trailer and it created discussion between the two of us. What is the line between brainwashing and teaching your kids what you believe? Mr. Man says they are turning things that should be the byproducts of salvation (spiritual activism, etc) into ritual. How is that different from the conservative Christians that turn what should be byproducts of salvation (changed music, habits, etc) into ritual/legislation?
Anyway, it looks like it should be interesting. Note: the simple fact that a reviewer called it “remarkably even-handed” probably means that it didn’t completely vilify evangelicals. Even the trailer, however, makes them look like crazy people.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 7, 2006.

6 Responses to “add another one to the “want to watch” list”

  1. One has to wonder how much of that is an attempt to rile the evangelical community to a degree that they will start protests and boycotts and all kinds of free publicity.

  2. Copycat! I posted on this yesterday. 🙂 It is thought provoking…

  3. Oops! I seriously did miss that. I have to feel sorry for those people, though. Although I may not agree with them theologically, you know they are earnest in what they believe, and never intended to come across as fanatics.

  4. yes. but i do have to say, i watched the trailer a few days ago and was genuinely horrified. seven year olds shaking in the spirit? speaking in tounges? preaching?

    what happened to the simple faith of little children that Jesus talked about in the old testament?

  5. Jesus talked in the new testament, sweetie. 😉

  6. whatever. I WAS HIGH ON DRUGS WHEN I WROTE THAT. do not hold me responsible.

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