to my partner in crime

pageant barbie and vdoprincess Remember that time we got into a fight over the winnie-the-pooh bear? You bit, and I pulled, and his eye was gone. I still think it’s unfair that I got in trouble for that and had to repair the damage. And remember how we used to sit amongst the daffodils and work on our embroidery (you were always better than I, and I thought that most unfair) and felt like we were in a storybook?
How about the times we would do photoshoots–Porkchop was the model, you were the stylist, and I was the visionary photographer. Remember that time we made her lie there while we sprinkled flower blossoms all over her? Somehow the finished product was never quite what we wanted.
Remember how I used to tease you about your crushes on guys? What about the time(s?) I read your diary. Man, that was mean. Although you probably did the same to me.
Oh! How about buying candy and hiding it in our room, just like that Claudia character in “the babysitters club?” She was my hero. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her excellent metabolism. And talking of candy of course brings up the tale about the time I stole and ate your Easter candy…two years in a row.
Let’s not go there.
Then there were the ballet lessons…you were better, I was more, um, shall we say “expressive?” Which basically means I waved my arms more than you.
Oh! What about all the craziness at the restaurant, when we cooked day in and out and made each other mad? I thought you were bossy; you thought I was lazy. We were probably both right.
And then, when we got older, we talked and hammered out the problems of the world. How about all those miles we logged knocking on doors together? Hours spent teaching kids together?
Thanks for the time you stayed home and refinished the floors so I could go to Pittsburgh. I still can’t believe I let you do that.
You’ve always been my friend as well as my sister, Jo. Happy birthday. maid of honor

~ by wildeyedwonder on August 16, 2006.

One Response to “to my partner in crime”

  1. sniff.

    Awww, thanks. See you tomorrow!

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