state of the mantelpiece address

Not good. It’s covered in dust and I’m bored with looking at it. Maybe it will get dusted before my sister arrives this weekend?

I just remembered–our nine-month anniversary was two days ago. We both completely forgot. Wow, at this rate by the time we’re 70 we’ll be like, “Did we eat yet? I don’t know. Maybe we’d better eat again, just to make sure.” And then we’ll both be fat.

Ok, that was random.

I’m feeling stressed right now. For no good reason, really. I just feel like there’s too much going on and I’m not doing well at any of it. Reading a book about perfectionists isn’t helping matters any.

The apartment’s never quite clean enough; I can’t seem to get caught up on laundry. I need to be doing more photography, but I’m committed to a couple of video projects (one for the church, one for a hospice, both unpaid). This week I have to layout the most recent edition of the church newsletter, figure out a design for the website, and burn/package/ship an order of video CDs for a company at home. (That last one is paid! Hooray!)

I don’t mind being busy, really I don’t. I actually like having plenty to do (although I usually manage to keep myself busy without any help). It just feels like I’m failing in the things that are most important to me: being a good wife, friend, sister, and sister-in-law.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 15, 2006.

One Response to “state of the mantelpiece address”

  1. Oh dear! You missed your nine-month anniversery! There are worse things in the world. Don’t sweat the little stuff.

    Why not kick it down a notch and celebrate annivereries every year, instead of every 3 months, to give yourself a little bit more time to relax?

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