at the end of the day she’s the one who began it

I hate adjusting back from vacation life to normal life. It’s so ordinary. Not to mention that there’s a beast of dirty laundry that’s been threatening to consume me in my sleep. Ah, well, I’ll look on the bright side. I could easily go a couple of weeks without doing any wash and neither my husband’s or my decency would suffer. Our reputations as trend setters, however, would be another matter altogether. /sarcasm

In other news, television without pity, which has to be one of my favorite sites ever (it’s even better than gofugyourself because you can read it and it looks like you’re reading the news or something) has finally gotten around to writing recaps of Top Chef. Finally! Someone who understands the abhorence with which I regard Stephen!

Beyond that wonderful bit of information….don’t look at me. Check out some of the blogs I’ve linked, especially those first two andrews. Very very good.

I promise I’ll come up with something interesting. Just later. When I’m not about to nibble enthusiasticlly at the handset of my phone.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 8, 2006.

One Response to “at the end of the day she’s the one who began it”

  1. I hated Stephen so so much.

    Also, weirdly enough, I was just listening to “At the End of the Day” yesterday afternoon.

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