don’t worry, my day improved

All it took was some chocolate and a dinner break sitting in the sun. Now, on to the (slightly) interesting stuff.

  • Looks like goatses could become illegal. I’m not sure what I think on this one. On the one hand, children should be protected from online filth. On the other, I do believe that PARENTS are responsible to protect their children, and people have the right to rude. So I just don’t know. Suggestions?
  • Yeah, so even though I had to explain today that after you type in you have to hit “enter” before the website will load, at least I don’t work in tech support.
  • We’re on vacation next week, and we’re camping near here. I’m taking a stack of books and not a single pair of high heels, and fully intend to come home with a fabulous sunburn and stacks of pictures or both.

~ by wildeyedwonder on July 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “don’t worry, my day improved”

  1. camping??

  2. That’s what Porkchop said. There are three reasons:
    1. I want to try new things. If it doesn’t work, fine, but at least I tried.
    2. It’s cheap.
    3. Mr. Man will really, really enjoy this. His face lights up just talking about it.

  3. i lurve camping. it’s the best.

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