longing deep inside

You know how some people can’t look at catalogs because they want buy everything? And some people can’t read home decorating magazines because then they hate their homes and the fact that they can’t afford them. And then some guys choose to avoid porn because that makes them discontent with their lovely human wives. Well, I can’t look at photography websites, because it makes my stomach feel funny, because I’m longing that bad to be the one behind the camera.

I love taking pictures, snapping the button at exactly the right moment, pulling groups of random people into a cohesive whole. Making people look lovely–the better version of themselves.

I could make excuses as to why I’m not doing this, making it work. But that’s what they would be–excuses. I WILL learn, I WILL get better, I will be veryvery good someday.

I’m promising myself this.


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 13, 2006.

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