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Finally got to see Pirates of the Carribean II! Hooray! Last night I was supposed to do family photos for my portfolio, but the intermittent thunderstorms forestalled that idea. Instead, my dear husband talked me into POTC. Not that it was hard–I’ve been almost as excited as he on this one, which is extremly rare.

Loved it. It was funny, creative, and even touching in spots. It allowed for some character development (Will’s relationship with his father), it had terrific special effects (I was getting dizzy during the sword fight on the wheel), and it had some seriously funny moments where I was laughing so hard other people were shooting odd looks at me. I’m sure I’ll rewatch this one. All in all, I give it 3.5 out of four stars.  


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 12, 2006.

One Response to “this just in”

  1. Really?

    I hated it. I hated the awful noises made from the wetness of tentacles and all the bodily fluids. I hated the fact the plot was rather disjointed. I was sad that the witty banter and subtle humor that made the first one great was lacking in the second. I hated how much CGI was used.

    I think if this movie needed four words to describe it, the would be: moist, juicy, wet, squishy.

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