small things that make me happy

  • We went to a Greek festival last night, a couple of blocks away from the apartment. We tried baklava sundaes and flaming cheese; I want to go back tonight and try the pastry that was a combination of phyllo and lemon curd, and maybe taste a lamb platter. Seriously, you go to those things for the food.
  • At said festival, E. developed an obsession with all the carnies and took numerous pictures of them. I'll have to post some when I have time.
  • This morning it was lovely and cool as I walked to work, so I wasn't a sweaty creature when I arrived.
  • The mock orange is blooming.
  • I get off work at six tonight, and after Mr. Man gets home from helping a friend move, we finally get to go see a late showing of X-3. Hooray!
  • While poking around the library during my dinner break yesterday, I found a CD from Prairie Home companion of just the ads. Powdermilk biscuts! Catchup! (Yes, that's how they spell it.) Beebopareebob Rhubarb Pie!

~ by wildeyedwonder on June 9, 2006.

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