home again

Driving eight hours, opening the windows as we cross over the bridge. "I can smell the bay! Can you smell the bay? Look, there's Hemingway's!" Sun shining through wet leaves, gleaming on the road. Pulling up midafternoon, running inside "we're home!" 

Dinner on the deck, eating crab cakes and drinking lemon water laughing at the boats as they creep by. Wearing summer dresses, huge sunglasses, pretending we're important. Stacking the menus into a tower, mutilating the bread, drinking bad coffee, laughing over dessert, watching Sandra Bullock movies, trolling Ebay. 
Not home, not any more, not really. But it still feels like it to me, because my family is here. 


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 1, 2006.

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