state of the union: six months

That was yesterday, actually. And we’ll discreetly gloss over the moment of confusion on Thursday when I was convinced, for an instant, that we were married on the eleventh instead of the twelveth. (That was actually when we started dating. Then he proposed on the thirteenth, giving me plenty about which I could get confused.)
Married life is good, for me. It’s full of compromise, of course, because that’s life. I’m learning to go on fishing expeditions; he’s learning not to mind that I read the whole time. He’s watching foreign films; I’m listening to Josh Groban instead of the Goo Goo Dolls (around him, anyway). And sometimes, when I really want to show my love for him, I get a Jackie Chan. (I don’t watch it, though. That’s a bit too much too ask.)
Is married life what I thought it would be? I’m not sure, because I’m not sure what I expected. I didn’t have many happy marriages to look at, though. I do know what I love it. I love curling up and resting my head on his shoulder, mock-fighting about clothes, making and eating pancakes at the oddest hours. I love the way he knows I hate talking about money, so he avoids it when he can. I love the way he gets excited about things, like a little kid, with his face alight and his eyes glowing. I love the way he indulges my Starbucks addiction. I love the way he never admits I have a fat tummy, even though I do. I love the way he works hard to provide, and knows that the only thing required to make me happy is food, any food, as long as it contains protein. I love the way he pulls a pillow over his face when he sleeps, the way he plays the dumbest games on my computer, the way he likes to get inside my head and figure out what I’m thinking and know what I like and dislike.
Most of all? I love the fact that when I spoke to him on the phone a few moments ago, after not seeing him for about 26 hours, my stomach flipped when I heard his voice. I love the fact that I’m married to my best friend.


~ by wildeyedwonder on May 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “state of the union: six months”

  1. Laura – I’m so glad that you’re so happy. And congrats on your six month anniversary. 🙂

  2. ahh!! i can’t wait for the newlywed life!! 😀

    this post makes me smile. 🙂

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