The Child has arrived

That’s the name of the new camera. The BrothersInLaw have taken to referring to it as their nephew, and are eagerly begging for babysitting duties. We went fishing today (another story for another day) and, since I don’t fish, I read all day. I used the camera some, too.
This one is my favorite picture from the over 400 that were taken over the course of the day. (Not just by me–everyone was getting in on the action with this thing.)
The next two are completely hysterical–someday my kids are going to look at these and be like, “Mom, did you really go out in public like that?” Also, doesn’t the second one look like it could be straight out of the sixties?”
Typical me
not quite the sixties


~ by wildeyedwonder on April 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “The Child has arrived”

  1. Have you considered getting insurance on this bugger?

  2. Or perhaps a warrenty?

    Your luck with mechanical items has been… interesting. Especially considering your generosity in letting everyone and their brother use it. You really, really might want to take some precautionary measures.

  3. nah, your kids will be like, “mom! that’s so retro! can i wear it?”

    also…i let my brother take my camera to boston and he lost it. i know yours is a way better camera than mine was, so i would advise against it 😛

  4. “everyone was getting in on the action with this thing.”

    Sweetie, that sounds waaaay too much like a camera gangbang. I don’t think preacher’s wives are supposed to write about those, much less support them.

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