that which was lost has been found!

Namely, my phone. So if you’ve called and gotten that whole “call me on Mr. Man’s phone” message,” that phase is over, and the message will be changed as soon as the phone recharges.
In other news, I’m listening to “A Tribute to Rich Mullins” and wearing a shirt of my husbands. Does this officially signal my transformation into that stage of life known as “mother of four”? Let us all commence wringing our hands.
Also today–I learned the difference between a “pandemic” and an “epidemic”. No, I wasn’t listening when we did that wisdom booklet. OBVIOUSLY. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME OF WHAT A BAD STUDENT I WAS.
Oh, Andy and Mandy? This one’s for you. I know, the deadline is only days away, but I just found it today. I won’t be entering, because I don’t really have the portfolio to do it, or the time to try. Plus my camera is being evil. It’s all so terribly sad…


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 23, 2006.

One Response to “that which was lost has been found!”

  1. Hey darling, your link is messed up.

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