Done hangin’ on maybe

Wet hair, jeans, tshirt. Heading back over to The Inlaws’ for another day. We’re all tired, not sure how long this watch will last. She’s still here, still breathing, notwithstanding her failing kidneys and continued high temperatures. The Banana (the youngest) saw her yesterday. He cried–I think he understands–and then we went off and explored the hospital. Padre (father-in-law) is coming to grips, I think. He’s done everything he can and it still isn’t working the way he wants it to. And yet, our Father’s plans are so much greater, we can only rejoice that He knows the end from the beginning.
I’ve been playing over and over this CD from Derek Webb that I picked up at the library, I See Things Upside Down. Think Andrew Peterson or Chris Rice meets U2. (His voice is surprisingly like Bono’s, and there are moments when you can tell he grew up listening to that band.) But his lyrics are amazing.

i repent, i repent of parading my liberty
i repent. i repent of paying for what i get for free
and for the way i believe that i am living right
by trading sins for others that are easier to hide
i am wrong and of these things i repent


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 13, 2006.

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