highlights for children

Walking through McDonalds…cozy pajamas, tea, and “Transporter 2″…forty licks tshirt…wearing black…going through the cedar chest…sorting books…country roads…Bolivar dam…zoar…”Why the heck are we tramping around in the middle of god-forsaken nowhere wearing uncomfortable shoes?”…”I swear, if this restroom is locked I am so going in the woods.” “It’s locked.” “I was kidding.” “Well, I wasn’t.”…Handel’s ice cream…”I’m sure that’s going to be some good gossip. I could tell by Porkchop’s expression while you were talking to them.”…Grinders…”Who was the nice lady with the big hair? I can’t remember.” “That’s the pastor’s wife.”…tea at midnight…grounds in the coffee…stockpiles of soap…
It was a good visit.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 30, 2006.

One Response to “highlights for children”

  1. Transporter 2!! Saw and enjoyed it. More unrealistic than the first, but cool and entertaining. Maybe I’m just easily entertained;) BTW – I just posted about the first Transporter on Sunday…check it out.

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