I’m tired

I should be out in the lobby, fellowshipping with church members, talking to them, but I just can’t. The sisters came, and went, and a glorious time was had by all, but now I’m tired. So I’m hiding in my husbands office, idly surfing the web, waiting until we go home.

~ by wildeyedwonder on January 29, 2006.

One Response to “I’m tired”

  1. There’s no shame in that! There is, however, shame in this:

    At a funeral of a close family member, I was intimately involved in all of the details of the planning. After a while I was so tired of hearing and saying the same things to people that after the wake, I went into the church kitchen to get away from everyone. The church ladies were there cleaning up (all in black for sympathy) so, not wanting to stand around and watch someone else do something, I started cleaning and saran wrapping finger foods. At the end of it all, they asked me if I was Tom’s wife, I said No, and I realised they had NO IDEA who I was!

    I’m sure today there are some confused Church ladies 8 hours away who have no idea who this person was in their kitchen.

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