further proof that I really am an awful person

I can't seem to stop posting pictures of the reigning Miss Delaware.
This is the good one. In the next, she looks preggers.


Let's all be glad that there has been improvement. See, her hair has gotten better!

She looks almost pretty here.

In Becky's defense, she looks better in real life. Also, she dresses very nicely. Always looks very feminine and appropriate.
Check out her gallery of photos. (I couldn't post them because it's Flash.) Remember, ladies and gentlemen, she submitted these. And look! Beauty tips from beauty queens! (A word of advice: if it comes from a beauty queen, you probably don't want to use it. Unless, of course, you WANT to have that whole "big hair, bright smile, 10-years-behind" kind of look.) Personal favorites: Connecticut (they really do that, people!), Illinois and Indiana (I hope they're getting paid for that product placement!), and South Carolina (ok????).


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 18, 2006.

12 Responses to “further proof that I really am an awful person”

  1. “she looks almost pretty here.”

    keyword being almost.

  2. It’s like a giant convention of bad hair, overly brightened teeth and generally tackiness have descended upon your blog. It’s really quite horrifying.

  3. You are obsessed!

  4. Hah! Imagine what i would be doing if YOU were there!

  5. I wish we could all watch it together this weekend…


  6. I wish you were here to watch it with us! We have never ALL watched a pageant together!

  7. I know!!! Hey, we could come THIS weekend instead!! We would have to reschedule dinner with Amanda tomorrow night (would that be dreadfully rude?) But then we could leave right after work Friday!

  8. That would be superfun! Only a couple of problems:
    Major one – we don’t get ANY channels.
    other ones – our weekend is completely booked already. Sister-in-Law spending the night friday, also having practice sessions with teens for talent contest that night. Saturday AM – painting backdrops for the talent contest. Saturday pm- birthday party to attend, and we’ve loaned our apartment out for a couple of hours.
    All in all, I don’t think it would work. Unfortunately.
    But you guys can watch and blog a running commentary! Oh! Get QOS to come down and watch it with you! Much more fun and snark all around!

  9. sniffle

    We be low little potatoes on the totem pole. No one wants to spend time with us.


    joy. you and I shall drink cheap and get fat off cheese and crackers. all the while celebrating the closeness of your graduation.

    we so do not need them.


  10. Oh, stop being a horrid gymnosophist troll.

  11. And exactly HOW did she beat Joy out? I mean – come on. No comparison. Joy is hands down prettier than that woman…

  12. Um, YEAH.

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