those days that make you wonder

I’ve had what seems like tons of bad news today–we just can’t seem to get any file transfer method to work, and all my earlier work is trapped on my computer with no way of transferring it to the CD that I’m supposed to take by that video place tomorrow. The external CD drive we bought won’t work; everything is just frustrating.
But there have been bright spots, too. The brother-in-law who loves to shop at ExpressMen fixed my camera. It seemed permanently jammed, but he took it apart, fixed it, and thereby saved me from a fate worse than death: being cameraless. I don’t have the funds right now to get a new camera, and won’t for a while. The camera shop won’t work on a camera as old as mine, so it was with great rejoicing that I recieved it back again.
Bright spot #2: I just found some shower checks and cash that we hadn’t deposited yet. At this point, every little bit is helpful. Bright spot #3: I bought a pink sweater today. For fifty cents. Pink makes everything better. Bright spot #4: Dear hubby loved his dinner of shrimps and alfredo sauce. And I mopped the kitchen floor. Maybe I’m not a failure as a wife???
So it wasn’t a bad day, just an up-and-downish day. But then, isn’t that how life goes? Especially our spiritual lives: ups, then downs, but mostly just boring stuff.
Think about it: Moses was in the wilderness forty years tending sheep before he saw the burning bush. Before that he was a prince of Eygpt, respected by all and living a life of great privilege. However, it was not the privilege that prepared him to lead; it was the sheep-tending.
Lord, make me a good sheep tender. Help me to press still closer to you during these “boring times;” help me to see You more clearly without busyness to distract me.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “those days that make you wonder”

  1. Would one use honey mustard or sweet and sour on a ‘sheep tender’?

  2. I wouldn’t consider neglecting the kitchen floor being a bad wife. Reminding your husband every night when you go to bed that you are first banana and he is the second banana is being a bad wife … and a little spiteful at that!

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