currently representing The First State at a national competition

The hair. It leaves me speechless.
Picture 1


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 16, 2006.

5 Responses to “currently representing The First State at a national competition”

  1. I think the judges would feel it easier to assess points if she were competing in a NQHA show!!!!

    (NQHA=National Quarter Horse Association)

  2. That’s interesting…because the first thing I noticed about her was her teeth!

  3. Yes. Her teeth also leave her looking a bit horsey. And trust me, she looks NO better in person. Perhaps a tad thinner and alot more annoying.

    (Her eyebrows are henious and overplucked!)

    You can see her in all her equine glory on CMT at 7pm this Saturday night!

  4. Can I get a a “neigh neigh!”

    I swear we aren’t just mad because she beat out our own Pageant Barbie. Really we’re not.

  5. i don’t think this will do anything for tourism in delaware.

    she must have a fabulous personality. *wink*

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