reasons why I am a not nice person

– If I were to write a review of King Kong right now, it would say, “No one told me there were horrid slimy giant earthwormy things in it that would make me hide my face for the duration of their screen time. The End.” I wouldn’t mention the magnificent sets, lovely costumes, or amazing art deco titles that totally rocked. Just the earthworms.
– Because of having to watch said movie, I was grumpy all the way home.
– Instead of joining the choir, I prefer to hibernate every Sunday night in dear hubby’s office and play on the computer. Sometimes its nice to be by myself.
– My kitchen floor still has not been mopped, and apparently life forms are taking shape upon it. This makes me a failure as a wife and housekeeper.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 15, 2006.

7 Responses to “reasons why I am a not nice person”

  1. Would it make you feel any better if I told you I haven’t joined the choir either; neither have I mopped my floor since who knows when…actually my husband was the last person to mop the floor! (He’s soooo good at stuff like this & it makes me feel so “special”!)

  2. Darlene,


    Don’t give her any ideas!

  3. Um, I wasn’t aware un-mopped kitchen floors branded a person as a failure. Does this make me a failure as a wife, too? Even though I’m not married?

  4. Dearest Darling Sister.
    You are a most assuredly WONDERFUL wife. Trust me…that damn movie would make the wife of Jesus Christ (if he were married) ‘grumpy’! It was an awful movie. And as far as alternative life forms taking shape upon your kitchen floor goes, if I am not mistaken, people that like to watch movies with horrid slimey giant earthworms are born with the predilection for removal of those types of things. So, voila!, you are a SUPERB housekeeper: you have provided your household with the assurance that your kitchen floor will always be shiney clean, void of any and all obscure life forms; for you have provided your home with a husband!!! 🙂

  5. I just realized, I am a failure as a wife too…Sob…sob…

  6. Quick, Jared, get into that kitchen & start washing some dishes or something!!!!

  7. OK now…let’s give props to the creation of the slimy things. You have to admit it was some of the best CGI that has ever graced the big screen. Gross, I’ll admit, but brilliantly put together.

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