state of the union, month two

It doesn’t feel like I’m married. I mean, I’m supposed to feel different or something, aren’t I? Like when I used to look forward to being twenty-one, thinking that by then surely I’d have life figured out, and then one day I was, and I didn’t feel different at all. I was just twenty-one. That’s what its like, being married. I don’t feel any different, I’m just me, waking up every day next to my best friend.
It is work, though. People who warned me about that were right. But it’s a funny sort of work. Not something you can jump into with rolled sleeves. It’s a quieter, subtler sort of work, this work of learning to prefer one above myself. But it’s worth it.
We’ve settled into something resembling a routine now. In the morning, I make his sandwich while he makes the bed. In the evening, I make dinner while he practices the piano. And later, we both sit there with our books, blissfully, boringly domestic…and loving every minute.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 12, 2006.

One Response to “state of the union, month two”

  1. Aww! That is so…sniff…sweet!

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