The following is really written to me, not you

I’ve been thinking lately. About blogging, and why I blog, and why I even bother. Because sometimes writing on here isn’t worth the flak, real or imagined, isn’t worth the second-guessing, isn’t worth the constant wondering how so-and-so is going to react to what I just wrote. So I’m going to be completely self-absorbed and stick this here to remind myself:
I blog for me. I started almost three years ago when my family was going through a lot, and there was no one to talk to outside the situation. Its turned into a habit, and I can’t get through the day without thinking “Oh! I need to blog that.” Not because of some burning exhibitionist desire, but because this blog has turned into a record of sorts. And yes, I could keep a journal–I do–but I can access this no matter where I am, and that means I can use it to hold bookmarks or to remind me of things to read. It’s also faster to type than it is to write, so I can pour out my brain without getting a hand cramp. And trust me–I don’t publish everything I write. I’ll often type, read, and delete without ever hitting publish.
I blog for my family. They’re eight hours away now, and, although they don’t comment often, they’re reading, cheering me on my journey through this thing called life. I ususally tell them the big stuff, but they like to know the little things, too.
I blog for my friends. Ninety-five percent of the time if you don’t understand something it’s because it’s not written for you. (The other five percent it’s because I misspelled or inverted words.) Those who know me can catch the sarcasm, the tounge-in-cheek, the oblique references. And in “know” I include those who I’ve only met through the internet. They’re just as real as my “flesh and blood” friends, and often less biased. So don’t read this paragraph as an exclusion notice; it’s not.
So that’s why I blog. And next time I get frustrated at something I’ve written being blown out of proportion, I’ll read this and remind myself that, as long as I’m approved unto God, the rest of the world and their opinions re: my blog don’t really matter. In eternity, that is. And for that matter, my blog won’t matter in eternity, either.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “The following is really written to me, not you”

  1. Hooray! Comments are finally working!

  2. sigh.

    I had such a lovely, lovely comment earlier, too.

    Alas, for it is lost for all eternity.

    oh well.

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