intervention needed

I am turning into a STRANGE PERSON.
Exhibit A: Yesterday I apeared in public wearing a ankle-length denim skirt, too-big sweater of Mr. Man’s, and a hideous ski jacket. With minimal makeup.
Exhibit B: I am starting to live in jeans, and not just any jeans, but my “I totally hate these jeans and only wear them in case of emergency because they make me look like a matron” jeans.
Exhibit C: I have the chance to go to an art house movie tonight, and I’ll probably stay in and work on Christmas presents instead.
Exhibit D: Every skirt I’ve purchased in the past two weeks has been close to ankle-length. I haven’t even bothered to go through the knee-length skirts because: (1)I don’t want to offend anyone with my skirt length, and, (2) Why would anyone want to expose all that leg to these frigid temperatures?
Ok, revise that opening statement: I’m turning into my mother. Bring on the broomstick skirts, and the more, the merrier!


~ by wildeyedwonder on December 22, 2005.

3 Responses to “intervention needed”

  1. *smirks*

    Four words:

    I told you so.

    But, ever so disgustingly, I love you heaps anyway. And you know what sucks?! YOU COULD TOTALLY ROCK A BROOMSTICK SKIRT.

    Ok. Perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. You could most def. rock in this Lloyd Williams’ broomstick skirt with suit combo. It comes in a hot red & is only $229…

  3. Mmmmm, I can think of only one other thing that could be worse: you could start wearing coulottes!
    (If you decide you would like any, I have several pairs up in the attic! Don’t ask why because I don’t think I would want to be caught in public in one of those things, esp. the brown pair with the pleated front…)

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