ten days

return unwanted strapless bras to Fredericks
write and mail remaining thank-you notes
work on program
piece together majority of reception video
hunt down more ribbon for pews (online?)
find out about food allergies for Trina
hunt up last credit card and change address on account
buy trim for last bridesmaids gift
confirm spelling of organist’s name
call Julie re: accomodations
return Anelle’s call
check voicemail
call Fratelli’s re: rehearsal dinner details
hunt down small springform pan

sometime this week:
drop dress at cleaners to be pressed
get one more vase
label bridesmaids gifts; write cards
find Christmas gifts for Mr. Man’s brothers
assemble programs
call Mrs Dye re: planned schedule
figure out final count for rehearsal dinner
work out seating arrangements for RD
work out centerpieces for RD
wrap step-grandmother’s Christmas present forget that. I’ll wrap it after I move to Ohio.


~ by wildeyedwonder on November 2, 2005.

3 Responses to “ten days”

  1. – bras: bring them to me and I will mail them
    – thank you notes can wait ’til after the wedding
    – print the program tomorrow night, we will assemble this weekend
    – must work on video tonight!
    – food allergies? eh, just kill her.
    – pick up the trim the same time you pick up the extra vase and the springform pan and drop off your dress at the cleaners
    – call Julie while you drive
    – Christmas gifts can wait until after the wedding
    – don’t worry about the RD centerpieces, the RD is not your responsibility!

    Call me if you need me!

  2. isnt crossing stuff off a list the best feeling ever?

  3. Give gifts to younger step brother and brother to wrap and leave in DE so you don’t have to transport them.

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