good times

Going through old email folders, I ran across several emails from the one and only Porkchop, sent when Pageant Barbie and I were working in Oklahoma City. I had to share bits, simply because they’re quite hilarious, even though she was in ninth grade. Besides, she’ll die of embarassment when she reads them.

We have all the windows and doors open tonight. So blissful breezes blow softly through the house. Am I sounding poetic or what? Scary thought. I might start wearing those ugly poets blouses. That have plunging necklines and something akin to a dust ruffle attached to the shoulders. That would be a scary thought. But I must wear it if I am going to be “inspired” In flaming magenta no less.

First off, Dad’s watch battery died. He discovered this when he was in the office and Dena buzzed him “Sam, Phil Smith is waiting for you” Dad was like “No way it’s 12 and he is supposed to meet me at 1” And other similar events so he took it into the Watch Doctor. Who pronouced it with a sickness that was temporarily incurable but
would have to go to the great physician in watch land. In other words, they had to send the watch away to get a battery put in it. Well Dad was then looking at other watches to see in case his gave up the ghost and didn’t make it through surgery. He came home and was telling us about his trip. And Mom asked what kind of watches he was looking at. He promply replied “Rolidexes ir something like that” I guess he wanted a filing cabinent on his wrist.

It’s definitely a cop-out to post bits of old emails, I know. But they were so funny! (Wanders away muttering, “File cabinet on his wrist. *snort*”)


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 25, 2005.

2 Responses to “good times”

  1. We lived for those emails. The entire office would stop working to hear them read aloud.

  2. Aww! I feel so loved!

    Sniffle. I was a funny little bugger. With very bad grammer.

    Some things never change, like the grammer. Others…


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