eighteen days

Just typing that makes me think of that song, “Eighteen tons! What did I get! Another day older and deeper in debt!” Said song was used to great effect in that extremly wacky, wonderful, underrated movie “Joe Versus the Volcano.” Anyway, back to the countdown.
I finished my veil last night. I then attached it to my head and practiced racing about the apartment with the veil sticking straight out behind me. I’m sure the neighbors were mystified.
I realized today that I haven’t started on the programs, and I need to get cracking on those. I don’t think the actual printing will take long, as I have a fairly good idea of what I want to do. It’s the assembling business that will take some time. But I’ve got a pretty cool idea on that, too.
So, the things that remain are: programs; acquire plates, glasses, and napkins; put together reception video; pack my clothing; get the jewelry to go with my black dress for the cruise. Not too much, not this week. Oh, tonight we’re doing another practice run on hair, because we now have a veil and dress to check the completed look. And now, eighteen days away, I just want it to be done.


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 25, 2005.

2 Responses to “eighteen days”

  1. Hey, Laura, it’s Darlene! Weddings can be soooo stressful, so why don’t we all just skip that part and go straight to the fun of being married part?!!? I’m sure you and Jared will have a blast being married! (About as much fun as Joe & I have!!!! he he he)

  2. Hey Lu, I have clear plates if you would like them best part they look glass but are plastic so you can throw them away! Lemee know also if you want help assembling the programs :0) Been there done that :0)

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