19 days

I should be scuttling around hammering down details, obsessing about ideas, finalizing decisions. Instead, I’m sunk in the bathtub, hot water up to my chin, reading a Helen MacInnes book. It’s less than three weeks, now. I want nothing more than for November 12th to be here. I wish I could hit a fastforward button and let the rest of the days blur by, with details dropping by the wayside and the wind whipping against my face.
For about seven months now I’ve been living in limbo–no longer belonging here, but still not out there. My heart is with Mr. Man. Its not in the sod business, not wanting to edit video, not wanting to throw lingerie showers. I want to be with him, laughing with him and talking with him and finally building our life together. Only 19 more days.
And now I should go locate plates and glasses and napkins or maybe work on pew bows or…but not tonight. Tonight I’m going to curl up in my warm pajamas and watch an old movie and drink tea while I work on my thankyou notes. The rest can wait for another day.


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 24, 2005.

2 Responses to “19 days”

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