embarassing confession #728

You know that solitare game that comes preloaded on all Windows computers? The freecell one? Where you can specify which game number you play? That game. I’m addicted. Not only am I addicted, but I’ve started at game one and am playing through until I get to the end (whatever that is), not moving on to the next game until I’ve won the current one.
I’m on game 15 18. (I started this project on Wednesday.) 13 was a bear.
The only redeeming factor in all this is that I haven’t started a blog dedicated to my progress. So maybe I’m not a complete dork?


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 21, 2005.

4 Responses to “embarassing confession #728”

  1. brickbreaker. that’s my secret game addiction.

  2. It’s okay VDOGal. My dad is offically addicted to Spider Solitaire. Whenever I leave the room to do something, and he is nearby, he takes over my computer for about 20 minutes to play it. (Even if he won’t admit to it like right now.) So you have some company. (I wish you could have some better company, but this is all I have to offer you right now.) lol

  3. Laura your totally fine I think Me and my sibleings have had those addictions more time then we could count.

    Love yah dalling

  4. Laura dahling. Point one, it’s quite alright: Many women get addicted to a particular game. The fact that most women are addicted to either Bejeweled or Spider Solitaire is a mere testament to your creativity by being addicted to Freecell.

    That being said. Teresa will take the laptop from Zach, while he is playing Runescape (a furiously complicated game of wits and ironically, runes) to play spider solitare. His laments are unheard.

    And that was today’s random fact!

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