feeling guilty

I just exploded at Pageant Barbie. She kept changing my name on the lovin’ blog to “fruit fly,” and I really don’t like it. It’s like if she did something like lock herself out of the house and I forever and always referred to her as “keyless.” It’s one thing to call people weird things that continually bring out past mistakes on your own blog, but on a shared blog, that just isn’t very nice. So the first time, I went in the template and changed the code.
She changed it back.
So I went in the template and changed the code again. And this time, I changed her settings so she was no longer admin and couldn’t mess with the code.
And I logged on just now and she had changed it again and made a snarky post about people who “hardly even contribute to the blog but remove admin status.”
For some reason, that just ticked me. So I was going to talk in a normal tone of voice but it somehow escalated to a full-throated bellow.
She looked rather taken aback, as well she might.
Now I feel quite bad. Especially because I originally got on the computer planning to make a nice post about how awesome my family is, and how they all pitched in and didn’t do anything exciting on Saturday night, opting instead to help me assemble my favors, which are all looking lovely and hiding in a safe place until the big day.
My family is great, but they do know how to get under my skin like no one else. Even Mr. Man. I hope they don’t decide to give him lessons.


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 3, 2005.

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