just another manic monday

And if by “manic monday” you mean “day in which I have so much to do that I can’t breathe and it looks like that should keep up for the rest of the week” then you’ve pretty much described my life right now.
On the “A” list: drive one hour to get measured for bridesmaid dresses, remind Mr. Man to scan pictures, edit reception video and mail to Wes, mail remaining invites (including returned ones), create and mail invites for B’s shower, create a master timeline/to-do list for the weeks until the wedding, line up 5 4 card tables for reception, find ribbon for flowers and pew bows, get Youngest Brother’s wedding shirt, start work on my reception video, mail ring back to Mr. Man, get his ring sized and engraved.
This doesn’t inlcude the events that are already scheduled or should be: driving Liesel-friend back to DC tomorrow night, having a practice run on wedding hair and makeup, shopping for the ‘maids dresses with two remaining unclothed sisters, uploading pictures from the weekend. And make a decision: how many catering jobs should I help with between now and the wedding? On the one hand, every job I work is another $80 to help pay for the wedding, and pay down credit card debt. On the other, I can only do so much before I will drive myself and everyone around me insane.
I think I’ve already started on the latter.
If you’re annoyed that I can’t seem to post anything of substance these days: don’t be. My head is a chaotic mass of thoughts that tag onto one another in a crazed game of tag. As soon as I put one to rest, four more jump up in its place. I can’t think calmly, much less present a reasoned and well-thought-out post.
I know it’s just a day–trust me, how I know. And I’m trying to keep that in mind, and remember that I’m preparing for a life change here, and not get stuck on the wedding. Which is part of my problem, I believe: I’m simultaneously trying to wrap up commitments here, get moved to Ohio, and plan a wedding. If it were just one of the above, it would be different, I think. As it is…
Only 47 more days.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 26, 2005.

2 Responses to “just another manic monday”

  1. you need a gadget on the sidebar that counts down the days till the wedding.

  2. I thought you weren’t EDITING ANY MORE WEDDING VIDEOS?!? Hmm? What happened to that?!

    I think, this is one of the times when you could have gracefully said “no” to being a maid of honor.

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