not good, not good at all

Tried on my wedding dress tonight (it’s getting to the stage where it could be considered remotely nearing completion), and it’s too tight. IN THE WAIST. I’ve always had an effortlessly small waist, never gaining there (on the hips and butt instead), but lately I’ve had the creeping suspicion that I was looking a bit doughy about the middle and managed to drown those thoughts in Hagen-Das. Well, this clinches it. No more Hagen-Das for me. For that matter, no more sugar, white flour, dairy, or ANY CAFFIENE AT ALL. Because this will never do. I’m not pouring this much work into my wedding gown only to go trailing down the aisle in a sheet. Not. Happening.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 21, 2005.

2 Responses to “not good, not good at all”

  1. i feel your pain. have been starting to get a little bit of a wobble around the middle myself. . .

  2. We can do wicked crunches together! Hooray wicked crunches!

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