hooray sisters!

I love doing photoshoots with Porkchop. She’s quite good at posing, and can hold them for interminable amounts of time as I advance the film in my antiquated camera. There are only two problems with “Pictures of Porkchop” time. One, she hates the way she looks when she smiles, so all the pictures have a somewhat fierce vibe. Two, she will inevitably look at the images and moan, “I look so faaaaaaat” then dissolve into a quivering puddle of tears. Well, I haven’t gotten the film developed yet,so when I take them by at work today, this could get interesting.
Getting invited to shoot inside the boxing club made things more interesting, as did the little guys who hovered around, sure we were some big-time model and photographer. (Porkchop looked very glamorous.)
Now I’m holding my breath, hoping these pictures came out properly. I’m always nervous about this part.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 21, 2005.

One Response to “hooray sisters!”

  1. Frankly, I think the high ratio of good pictures to bad pictures that child manages to generate borders on obscene. Nothing quite like flipping through an entire roll of stellar photos hearing her moan, “double chin, squinchy eyes, belly roll…” So, Porkchop, when these pictures are developed, save your breath, you know you look fab in all of them.

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