rays of light in a dark, dark day

Krissa was looking for examples of people banding together in the tragedy that is Louisiana right now, and I finally found some this morning.

Spending my days on the ground in Louisiana last week, I did not see much television. But I understand that some media let the violent and destructive acts of a few overshadow the many acts of compassion and heroism.
Contrary to the pictures you may have seen, the vast majority of New Orleanians did not take to the street with weapons–far more risked their own safety to help neighbors and strangers.
When first responders said they needed more flat boats to pick people out of the water, they were overwhelmed by the line of volunteers. When people at a shelter in Baton Rouge announced they needed drinks, within hours they were flooded with more Gatorade than they could possibly use.
Churches throughout Louisiana opened their doors to take in evacuees. Individuals organized a network to open their homes to strangers, using phone trees and the Internet to link up those in need with those who care. Evacuation centers are flooded with volunteers and supplies.
Many rescue and relief workers, themselves victims of Katrina, have not left their posts for days. Health-care staffers have hand-ventilated patients. Law enforcement officials braved high waters and violence. People from all over the nation are contacting me, especially people in areas recently devastated by their own tragedies, to offer assistance.

We will come together, we will overcome. And we will be a stronger nation because of it. Although I will always be sad I never got to see historic New Orleans.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 8, 2005.

One Response to “rays of light in a dark, dark day”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Princess. The media loves to show the evil of the world, and oft forgoes the good.

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