practice run

Tonight’s project (besides locating and purchasing the requisite stamps to mail more than one hundred wedding invitations that have to go in the mail TOMORROW and finishing the addressing of stated invitations) was making a practice wedding bouquet, to get a feel for the sizing, as well as decide that this really truly is the look I want.

Step one: amass a pile of roses, greenery, hideous baby’s breath, and random cutting instruments. Pile them all in your kitchen sink with plenty of hot (because our cold water isn’t working) water to keep them daisy-fresh.

Step two: Clean roses of excess greenery, thorns, and anything else that annoys you. Pitch the rahter funeral ferns and hideous baby’s breath that came with the roses. (Not pictured) Attach sleek, shiny greenery in place of rather funeral ferns.

Step three: Fail to picture remaining steps, including pricking fingers, taking a Haagen-Daas break, and wrestling 15 roses into a big BLOB. Instead skip to happy conclusion, wherin maid of honor loops four yards of tulle through pony tail and bouquet is modeled along with cellular earpiece and very snazzy ironing board cover.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 31, 2005.

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  1. gorgeous. simply gorgeous. 🙂

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