if I could

have any job I would either own a vintage boutique or spend my days sitting at a computer, editing video/film footage. I’m not sure which I love more: shopping or editing.
live anywhere I would have a flat in Annapolis or DC. I’m not majorly into NYC anymore, though it might be fun to try for a while. And, while living overseas sounds fun, I love the US. I really do.
have one wish I would wish for my grandpa to live until my wedding in November.
change one moment I would bite my tongue that time I got mad at my mom and yelled at her.
What about you?

~ by wildeyedwonder on August 30, 2005.

3 Responses to “if I could”

  1. job buyer for a real estate investment trust.

    live ahh…nyc…chicago…annapolis…the hamptons?

    wish i could take away people’s hurts.

    change mom and dad’s marriage failing.

  2. Job: I’ve always wanted to be in the Army, investor, business owner, the guy who doesn’t have my job.

    Live: Indianapolis, Chicago, VA, D.C., San Diego, with a cabin in the Northwoods

    Wish: To support missionaries and ministries to help spread the Word. (a hot wife, kids, and an awesome house with land would go well with that too:)

    Change: that I always seem to open my mouth and ruin good things.

  3. have any job I have no idea what I would actually like to do. As long as it involved people, constant change, constantly being busy, crisis and people to manage.
    live anywhere I would live on the water in Annapolis. Or out on the water in California.
    have one wish keep my sisters nearby, forever.
    change one moment I would take back the moment I told my mother I hated her.

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