the choices we make

It’s quiet at work this morning, so I’ve spent much of it surfing monster and careerbuilder, looking for jobs in the Canton area, wondering what’s available, rejoicing that the job variety is much greater out there than in my wonderful little farming community.
For some reason I love job-hunting. There is so much potential–I can do anything! Work anywhere! It’s almost like I get to reinvent myself every time I send out my resume, emphasising the things each company wants to hear.
Much of what I’ve found that I’m qualified for is adminstrative assistant type work, which I can do like the dickens. I’ve got crazy typing skills, am an excellent people person, and can usally organize another person fairly well. The pay is ok, and the hours are great. Unfortunately, it also bores me to tears.
If I could do anything in the world, I would be a video editor. I’m good at that, having spent the last two years as a free-lance videographer. I finally figured out that the part I like best is the editing: all the pre-production and production is merely a way to get to edit. I lose track of time when I’m editing, knowing only this frame, this note, this sound. We hope I can find a job doing something like that, and I’m confident that I will…eventually. Because you see, I don’t have a degree or any formal training in it. Everything I know has been learned on-the-go. But I’ll get a job in the industry eventually; it will just take time and building connections.
And then I remembered the job I turned down a couple of years ago, with our local TV station. I would have been working in their ad department, making commercials for companies that bought air time with the station. I turned down the job for the opportunity to travel with the non-profit group again, doing children’s ministries (for a pittance) for another year. Had I taken that job, I would still be there, I’m sure, working crazy hours and maybe loving every minute. Maybe not. I don’t know.
Career-wise, I made a dumb decision. But do I regret it? Nope, not a bit.
It’s way more fun living on the edge.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 24, 2005.

One Response to “the choices we make”

  1. What system and software do you use to edit with? There is always room for more people to shoot and edit weddings, but then you never have a free weekend after you start.

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