things I love to do when I have time and I will do again someday

Find a new blog and read all the archives.
Follow links of favorite blogs, and links of those blogs, and discover more new favorite blogs.
Covet others’ awesome blog design.
Check out old coffee table books from the library and covet all the cool pictures. Wonder what would happen if you photocopies said pictures. Could they be snipped up and made into artistic photocopied montages?
Wander through Home Depot or Lowes and dream about remodeling/redecorating. Focus on the paint department.
Watch old movies.
Plan next season’s Christmas presents.
Find extreme deals on
Look for the perfect winter boots on Ebay.
Bake cupcakes.
Find random links and wonder why people post these things on the internet.
Post said random links.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 18, 2005.

One Response to “things I love to do when I have time and I will do again someday”

  1. Now that I know you’re following the link trail like Peter Cottontail I’ll try to provide you with some deeper and longer lasting trails.

    This made sense when I first thought it, but somehow when I write it down it’s all different.

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