true story

From: vdoprincess
Sent: 1:15 PM
To: pageant barbie
Subject: a new guy!

Ok, this guy just came in the office and was totally going to scam on me but had the decency to check for rings first….

Long story short- he broke up with his girlfriend two months ago, and is looking for someone new. I really didn’t care until I found out what he does–he’s in real estate. I mentioned that I had a sister (he’s 22) and he was quite thrilled. Don’t worry, I didn’t give out your phone number! But after he left he called back and gave me his website address for you. *mwah*
[inserted website address here]
Don’t worry, he’s better looking in real life.

From: barbie
To: vdoprincess
Date: 1:33 PM

Oh my word, that is hysterical. You have got to be kidding me! He CALLED YOU BACK AND GAVE YOU HIS WEBSITE TO GIVE TO ME??!! Wow.

You say he is 22? He looks young. What am I supposed to do, call him and say, “Hi, I’m the sister of the chick you were scamming on but is engaged. I want free sushi! Take me out!” ?? I’m at a loss here…

From: vdoprincess
Sent: 1:47 PM
To: barbie
Subject: RE: a new guy!

Or you could email him. Or be like, “Your sister gave me your website address and she didn’t realize that I’m secretly engaged but I wanted to ask you a few questions about real estate” and bingo–free shushi!

From: barbie
To: princess
Date: 1:45 PM

Lo, that’s a possibility. Does he know your name? Will he know my name? Because I did find a listing on there that I’d like more info about… Btw, “shushi” is far better than “sushi” as it entails your date actually shutting up for a few moments while he stuffs his piehole. Rare indeed. 😀

From: princess
Sent: 2:00 PM
To: barbie
Subject: RE: a new guy!

He does not know your name. Just that you’re blond. Don’t think he knows
mine, either. I say you call him about the listing and don’t tell him your
my sister and see if he notices a slight resemblance. That would be too
funny for words. Of course, that’s based on you actually meeting him. So you
could call him, get info on the place, chat with him, find out he’s totally
boring (he might not be– i have no clue) and mentally cross him off, all
without him ever knowing.

And then next time he comes in and gives me a hard time and is all, “your
sister never called me.” I can say, “Yes she did, but she thought you were
boring. Too bad bucko. YOU BLEW IT.”

And then I’ll laugh cruelly as he withers before me.

From: princess
Sent: 2:05 PM
To: barbie
Subject: RE: a new guy!

I like that idea! Especially the cruel laughing as he withers. Btw, what on
earth is he doing at a sod farm? (Besides macking on you, that is.)


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 10, 2005.

3 Responses to “true story”

  1. yay! sushi opportunities!

  2. i guess now i have to tell EVERYBODY what happens. 😉

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

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