return of the political rants

Dr. Dobson compared embryonic stem-cell researchers to Nazi researchers in the concentration camps, thereby setting off quite a kerfluffle. (Side note: isn’t that the most journalistic word ever? I mean, who uses it? No one, except editorialists.) Even this article, from the conservative Wall Street Journal, is offended, calling Dr. Dobson’s analogy “simple-minded.”
Clarification: Dr. Dobson is not “insistent on seeing his opponents in the worst possible light.” Dr. Dobson believes in absolutes, and that doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still wrong.
Belief does not change truth. If life begins at conception, then an embryo is human, regardless of how sincerly you may believe to the contrary.Regardless of motivation, embryonic stem-cell research kills humans. At the very least, it kills potential humans, surely an equally grave offense. The Nazis sincerly believed that Jews were less than human. But did that change the facts? No it did not.
Now, am I calling embryonic stem-cell researchers Nazis? No, I am not. I am, however, expounding on the logic Dr. Dobson used. I won’t even begin to touch the utter impracticality of embryonic stem-cell research, and the fact that embryos are one of the least effiecent (and most ethically dubious) sources of stem cells for said research.
I’m simply saying that, when you see the world built with absolute truth as its foundations, you’re going to ruffle feathers sometimes.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 10, 2005.

3 Responses to “return of the political rants”

  1. Those who, like Dr. Dobson, use the absolutes of God’s word as their guiding light (so to speak) will always see things in black and white.
    There are no shades of grey in the Bible; nor should there be.

  2. I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. It is NOT conservative. In fact, the media itself, in listing various newspapers and magazines in order of liberal slant, listed the Wall Street Journal as more liberal than the New York Times. And let me tell you, it is. From what I can tell the staff consists of about 10 women and 2 guys. And they are all left of center. Photos of white males rarely appear, outside of news stories in which they can’t avoid them, and never in any of the ads for the Wall Street Journal’s own ads and services.

    Just a somewhat meaningless and unsolicited FYI

  3. Well said, indeed.

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