moving at the speed of something that’s simultaneously overwhelmingly fast but not nearly fast enough

Wedding details are piling up, and I’m trying to just as swiftly knock them down. Photographer? Check. Videographer? Check. Music? Check. Church? Check. My dress is partly done, my shoes are bought, I know how I want my veil to be. My flowers are partly planned–I can’t put together a final order until I know for sure where the reception will be held. And that is still up in the air. Although it looks like we’ll be holding it at my dad’s yet-to-be-purchased new home. And if that works out, I’ll be estatic. I want my reception to be like a big, comfy party, with ping-pong in the basement and clumps of people everywhere talking and laughing. The tricky bit is the timing-closing on October 20th and a wedding on November 12? That’s cutting it a bit close.
Life keeps coming at me–I’ve a video to finish in the next two weeks, and to do that I need to get some live shots, tape narration, and recut some stuff. I’ve a dress to sew for myself; I’m going bridesmaid dress shopping tonight with a friend of mine, I’m finishing my bridesmaid gifts, Mr. Man is coming in this weekend, we’re going to the eighties prom and a wedding on Saturday, I need to buy a gift for that, I need to pay my bills tonight, I need to print more business cards.
I need to breathe.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 9, 2005.

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