bored and itchy

So when all my usual pastimes of searching for random phrases like “strawberry shoes” at Google news or surfing kottke for tech news have failed me, I start clicking the “next blog” button. You know, the one in the upper right-hand corner? And it’s amazing what you find.
Today I ran across Respectful Insolence, an apparently well-read, highly trained, confirmed skeptic and proponent of the medical community. He has several interesting points that he uses to attack Intelligent Design. I’ll be following his, if only because it’s quite enjoyable to read a viewpoint that, while diametrically opposite mine, is also logically written with minimal emotional outbursts.
In direct contrast to his is DarwinTime. These men would agree on many subjects, I think. But while RI makes you think and form a coherent rubuttal, DT makes you laugh. He may have some valid ideas buried in there, but since they’re obsucred with overuse of CAPS, emotional outbursts, and poor grammar, you just don’t take him seriously.
Learn from this, younglings.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 5, 2005.

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