I’ve been

Hitting the beach, grilling hamburgers, blowing up beer cans, eating Ben & Jerry’s, sweating just standing still, talking to alligators, eating chinese, instructing others on the use of chopsticks, accumulating dirty laundry, washing none of it, planning a wedding, debating the merits of apples versus M&Ms, worrying about the gray in my hair, staying up late, sleeping in, listening to Etta James, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, laughing about cuttlefish, watching fireflies, eating deep-fried twinkies, howling at the moon, and laughing.

And that’s just this weekend. What have you been doing?


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 25, 2005.

One Response to “I’ve been”

  1. Listened to some raggae followed up with South African harmony, had a 20 minute conversation in a bar with people who I couldn’t remember their names nor they mine, had that converstaion interrupted by a girl just so she could tell me she thought I was very pretty, played music til 3 am with a carpenter, slept past noon, made a 3D beeramid with frineds, stood in a pool for 8 hours, had a friend of the opposite sex tell me that I am the ugliest person he has ever met and that my eyebrows got on his nerves, ate a pizza with all toppings but onions, went to church, sang This Is My Father’s World, wake boarded, drove a boat.

    That was just this weekend.

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